Berangere Maximin, with Rhys Chatham, Christian Fennesz, Frederic D. Oberland, and Richard Pinhas.

“Bicephale Ballade”

Concerts 2011



More noisy greatness from Rebecca Keehner.

“And Yet Again”

“Hypnotic Phases”

From Ninja Tune:

While the title Interludes After Midnight might recall a film from the likes of Truffaut or a sprawling masterpiece by Modigliani, the title comes to us from a decidedly less classical source — an after hours New York City public access show that ran throughout the 80’s and early 90’s. This was a time before cell phones, TiVo, and the Internet — a simpler time that has informed the sonic landscape of the album. This is not rehashing 20 years of popular hip-hop; this is Blockhead’s ultimate homage to the times and places that defined his upbringing.

“Never Forget Your Token”