America’s greatest living poet returns with another outstanding collection, one that alludes back to Wowee Zowee’s playful inscrutability but also reflects the years of wisdom accumulated since then.

Ed Comentale has the best review; in fact, he’s written quite a few great ones lately.

“No One Is (As I Are Be)”

“Asking Price”

“Forever 28” and “Long Hard Book”


A couple of nice ones from Anticon Records.

Baths, “Lovely Bloodflow,” from the lp “Cerulean” (Anticon 2010).

Serengeti, “California,” from the lp “Family and Friends” (Anticon 2011).

Fennesz – Seven Stars

August 20, 2011

“Seven Stars” features four new tracks from Christian Fennesz, one recorded with Steven Hess on drums.

The ep has a warmer feel that alludes back more to “Endless Summer” than to “Black Sea.”

My only regret is that it ends all too quickly.

A remedy may soon be found, however: Touch Records also promises a new collaboration with Sakamoto, forthcoming.

“Seven Stars”

Secret Wild marks the beginning of a new chapter for Guillermo Sexo.

Veteran producer┬áJustin Pizzoferrato tightens up the band’s sound, giving the album a bit of that classic Fort Apache sound. But Reuben’s songwriting and guitar work, and especially Noell’s vocals, have never been stronger.

For a little example of all that, check out the title track, below, which conjures up visions of what might have happened if J Mascis had used a time machine to bring Grace Slick circa ’68 in to sing with him on “Green Mind.”

The press release calls Secret Wild Guillermo Sexo’s “most progressive, creative, and cohesive release to date.” And I couldn’t agree more.

Brian Eno - Drums Between The Bells - Warp Records (2011)

Music by Brian Eno; words by Rick Holland.

Maybe the best of his recent albums.

“Bless This Space”

“Pour It Out”

The second from Primary Numbers, by Twinsister Moon: experimental/drone/psychedelic/pastoral/folk from Northwest France.

“Desert Prophesy”

Two superb releases from Primary Numbers records. The first: a quiet one by Aidan Baker. At the intersection of jazz and ambient.

“Remembered Time”