Great single from late last year.

“Dark Horse”

The Novel Ideas – Home

April 29, 2012

Their finest and most mature work yet. On Bandcamp, just in time for your graduation party!


Twenty great tracks — many as yet unreleased — from twenty great Boston bands:

Soft Pyramids, Girlfriends, Appomattox, Linear Downfall, Guillermo Sexo, The Living Kills, New Highway Hymnal, Viva Viva, Sneeze, Soccer Mom, Speedy Ortiz, Streight Angular, Future Carnivores, Night Fruit, Finn Riggins, Ghost Box Orchestra, Be Wives, The Grownup Noise, The Wandas, and Mount Peru

For free on Bandcamp, courtesy of As Built PR.

Pumice – Puny

April 18, 2012

FromĀ Soft Abuse Records:

“Pumice’s PUNY rides the existential rails, frothing forth into a fog laden with static heaps & acerbic musings.”

“Covered In Spiders”

The Dirty Dishes: bringing back memories of that great, 1990s, Fort Apache sound.



Yppah – Eighty One

April 18, 2012

His best yet!

“Film Burn”


Footprintz, “Heaven Felt Like Night”

Cassius, “The Sound of Violence” (Franco Cinelli Remix)

Catz ‘n Dogz, “I’m Free” (Carl Craig Remix)

Great live performances: new songs and old favorites!

“Kidney Bingos”


The guitars, the keys, the vocals, and the collaborative spirit.

Future Carnivores: like a not-so-broken social scene, and already one of my favorites of 2012.

“And You Call Yourself a Carnivore”

“What’s Unbelievable?”

Album Promo