Liking this one more and more with each listen.

“Give Out”



New Autochrome record out soon — with this great track and more!

“Hands Over the City”

“You know you want that second cup of diminishing returns. Determined to repeat yourself, watch your flagship crash and burn.”

Poetry set to music, from Ton Devaney’s Rotary Club.

“Diminishing Returns”

Can’t stop listening to this one!

“El Alto De La Paz”

Classic lp, available again on Type Records.

“Nautical Dub”

Screen Image Vinyl: bringing this New Ordery/Joy Divisionesque/Jesus-and-Mary-Chain greatness to the Deep Heaven Now 5 festival, this May.

“Night Trip”

“Stay Asleep”

Out soon!

“High Noon”

The Mallard: excellent lp on Castle Face Records. Excellent bookstore performances, below.


“Lying in the East”