As destiny wills it /┬áSo seasons will change /┬áJust like you ….

New lp available on bandcamp.

“Star Crossed”

“Heart Attack”



Damn near perfect!


“The Arsonist”

Magic Man – Texas

March 22, 2013

Magic Man, performing their new single live, on Hardwick Sessions.


Rocking a little harder; sounding as great as ever. New 3-track ep out now; lp later this year!

“Echo Out My Call”


Another great year! I need 15 spaces for my top ten and could have easily added a few more ….

  1. Krill, Alam No Hris
  2. Autochrome, Separation Realms
  3. Various Artists, Boston & Beyond: SXSW 2012
  4. Future Carnivores, Future Carnivores
  5. Foolish Ida, Book II
  6. Dirty Dishes, Most Tarnished Birds
  7. Hands and Knees, Red Hot Minnow
  8. Milling Gowns, Something Dangerous Loves Me
  9. Novel Ideas, Home
  10. Plumerai, Mondegreen
  11. Avoxblue, A Place Without Time
  12. Mission of Burma, Unsound
  13. Black Fortress of Opium, Stratospherical
  14. Mean Creek, Youth Companion
  15. Exusamwa, Phase IV

Foolish Ida – Book II

December 29, 2012


A listener called in to recommend this one yesterday, and I’m glad he did. A great ep from Sarah Rabdau. My only regret is I didn’t find it sooner!

“The Scientist”


Their best yet … available at Bandcamp.

“Where the Ground is Rust With Needles”