West Hill Blast Quartet. Free jazz from the UK.

“Sold to the Man in the Hat”


Lince – Love Room

March 30, 2013

Trans Europe Express

The Men – New Moon

March 22, 2013


From Sacred Bones Records:

New Moon is the remembrance of why green grass has to lean on the dirt beneath; it is a love letter devoted in bowed humility to the grand continuum, exposing the hoax of the great divide. Allegiances to the glowing patinas of Detroit and San Francisco, New York and Nashville all abound, but “nostalgia” is not her name. The essence of New Moon is to revisit — never retread. Vibrational bonds are the silver that comes to line the long road home.

“I Saw Her Face”


Jesus Vio — listen and you’ll be happy too!


Magic Man – Texas

March 22, 2013

Magic Man, performing their new single live, on Hardwick Sessions.


An amazing talent — and the best record of 2013, so far, by far!

“Bird Ballons”

Pollifax Session (http://www.pollifax.com/index)