“Summvs,” the latest collaboration between Carsten Nicolai/Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto, features the superb centerpiece “Noano,” two versions of Brian Eno’s classic “By This River,” and a series of compositions performed on a very rare piano.

For more details, see the Raster-Noton page. For two thrilling live performances, see below.


“By This River”


Breaking stones, yes. But like rhythmically falling water, not a sledgehammer. And with finesse, not brute force.

Working equally — that’s to say, very — well both for the dance floor and for repeated, careful listening, Mark E‘s “Stone Breaker” succeed on all fronts. Sounding to me like one of the best house lps this year.

Highly recommended.

“Got To Get Me There”

“The Day”

A legendary, lost lp from the local psych pioneer/visionary Bobb Trimble.

Out this week on Yoga Records, for all to admire and enjoy.

Check out a couple of live performances, below.

“You Should See My Girl”

“Galilean Boy”

The Empty Room,” a short story by Jonathan Lethem, appears in the latest issue of the Paris Review.

Nice Echo & the Bunnymen reference towards the end.

Pretty much their best song.

Just out on Sub Pop Records.

Right up there with Roxy Music’s “Avalon.”

“You and I”


“Strictly increasing and strictly convex” describes a function that goes up at a faster and faster rate.  Like the awesomeness of the Deep Heaven Now Festival, with its fourth installment coming up next month.

In anticipation of the great event, Jinsen has put together a 24-track compilation, which you can download (for free!) at the Bandcamp page.

Featuring outstanding contributions by Gospel Gossip, Stargazer Lillies, The Vandelles, Brief Candles, 28 Degrees Taurus, Static of the Gods, Endless Wave, The December Sound, Hi Tiger, Herbcraft, Ghost Box Orchestra, the Byrd/Thompson Expansion, Whir, and many, many more!

Whir, “Collider Wheel” — from Allston!

Hi Tiger, “Wolves” — from Portland, Maine!

Gospel Gossip, “Sippy Cup” — there’s a different song on the comp, but this video is too great not to watch!

John Maus – Believer

July 11, 2011

John Maus, “Believer.”

From his lp, “We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves,” Ribbon Records (2011).