One of the more unjustly overlooked records of 2013 so far.

Nice song about changed travel plans.


On Mice Parade‘s new album, “What it Means To Be Left-Handed,” band leader Adam Pierce is joined by a world-class supporting cast from … around the world: Africa, Japan, and elsewhere.┬áReflecting the diversity of the personnel, experimentation runs throughout the lp, with each track taking its own unique twists and turns.

But it all fits together surprisingly well with Pierce’s own, 1990’s-golden-age-of-indie-rock style. In fact, Pierce’s singing voice often resembles Evan Dando’s, so the album sounds much like what I’d guess the post-“Shame About Ray” Lemonheads’ records might have seemed like if Dando had traveled the world making friends, soaking up influences, and leading an at-least-somewhat healthy lifestyle instead of taking excessive amounts of drugs.

That is, “What It Means To Be Left-Handed,” is very interesting and very good. Listen to two of the best tracks, accompanied by charming videos, below.