Rocking a little harder; sounding as great as ever. New 3-track ep out now; lp later this year!

“Echo Out My Call”


WZBC Fundraiser

October 13, 2012

WZBC has a great-looking and easy-to-navigate newly-designed website. Check it out!

And, while you’re there, please consider contributing to the station’s biennial fundraiser. “Biennial” means it happens only once every two years. But listener support is essential, to help fund transmitter maintenance and repairs, provide on-line streaming and the audio archive, and facilitate every other aspect of our ability to bring you the very best music from Boston and beyond! And we have some excellent premiums there for you, too!

Avoxblue: Jimmy Rossi Jr., lighting up the night.

“Connection Lost”

Great single from late last year.

“Dark Horse”

The Novel Ideas – Home

April 29, 2012

Their finest and most mature work yet. On Bandcamp, just in time for your graduation party!


The Dirty Dishes: bringing back memories of that great, 1990s, Fort Apache sound.



Favorite Local Albums of 2011

December 22, 2011

My favorite local records from 2011!

  1. Various Artists, Deep Heaven Now IV Compilation
  2. Endless Wave, Notes from the Compound
  3. Guillermo Sexo, Secret Wild
  4. Prefab Messiahs, Peace Love & Alienation
  5. Hands and Knees, Wholesome
  6. Plumerai, Your Guilty Prize
  7. Reports, Dinamo Cambridge
  8. Gabe Goodman, Friendly Fires
  9. The Novel Ideas, Summer Demos
  10. Kelsey Jarboe, Magical Realism
  11. To The Wedding, To The Wedding
  12. Bobby, Bobby
  13. The Frost Heaves, Frost Heaves 0 Cones 1
  14. Carter Tanton, Freeclouds
  15. The Hush Now, Memos