TV Girl – If You Want It

December 6, 2010

Maybe you heard this one on “Kick Out the James” a couple weeks ago, or on Lucy’s wonderful show this am?

An old friend put it up on Soundcloud:

Proof that great minds think alike, I guess.

And the four-song ep is available from the band.


Last Friday, February 20, Rick Harte of the legendary Ace of Hearts record label visited the WZBC studios to talk with James, host of friday-morning “Kick out the James.” The topics of conversation ranged from Rick’s earliest recordings of the Neighborhoods, Mission of Burma, and many other Boston greats to his most recent work with the London-based Heat From a Dead Star. If you missed this fantastic interview, or caught it live but to want listen again, you can find an audio-archived version at James’ radio interview page.

And, speaking of the Neighborhoods, check this one out …