The Homing Bureau

September 8, 2012

Gabe Goodman and Will Radin, at it again and excellent as always.

“To Only Have Come Back”


Just like David Bowie, Gabe Goodman tries out something new with each record.

On this one, he and producer Will Radin beat the Junior Boys at their own game.

“Midnight Sour”

Favorite Local Albums of 2011

December 22, 2011

My favorite local records from 2011!

  1. Various Artists, Deep Heaven Now IV Compilation
  2. Endless Wave, Notes from the Compound
  3. Guillermo Sexo, Secret Wild
  4. Prefab Messiahs, Peace Love & Alienation
  5. Hands and Knees, Wholesome
  6. Plumerai, Your Guilty Prize
  7. Reports, Dinamo Cambridge
  8. Gabe Goodman, Friendly Fires
  9. The Novel Ideas, Summer Demos
  10. Kelsey Jarboe, Magical Realism
  11. To The Wedding, To The Wedding
  12. Bobby, Bobby
  13. The Frost Heaves, Frost Heaves 0 Cones 1
  14. Carter Tanton, Freeclouds
  15. The Hush Now, Memos

Gabe Goodman returns with his second full-length, “Friendly Fires,” available now through his bandcamp page.

Conundrummer” was, of course, one of my very favorite albums of last year. On the new release, Gabe trades in some of the predecessor’s ornate vocal arrangements for more than a hint of early-1990s indie/power pop — an unexpected but not unwelcome line of evolution and one that makes this record a perfect accompaniment to the start of summer.

Gabe still plays nearly all the instruments, assisted by Will Radin. And the songwriting/storytelling, which are really his forte, continue to stand out, with highlights such as “A Common Application,” the title track (below), “Sour Apple,” “Physical Education,” and “Trivial” (also below) all matching or surpassing the magic of “Cops at Crystal Lake” and “Weightless” from the debut.

Once upon a time, something like this would have earned a spot on “120 Minutes” and at least a couple dates with Winona Ryder. Today, it just sounds like an instant classic.

“Friendly Fires”


Gabe Goodman – Conundrummer

February 15, 2010

Gabe Goodman is a local musician with a unique vocal style and an apparent gift for writing songs that are catchy, witty, or otherwise just plain great. Both talents set him apart from the crowd.

He lists Jeff Tweedy as an influence, and so I’m tempted to say yes, kind of like Wilco, but much more interesting. The resemblance is even closer to¬†Chas. Mtn, whose album “Hugs” from 2006 remains one of my all-time local favorites.

Anyway, he’s got a short lp — 8 songs and under 30 minutes — out called “Conundrummer.” You can listen to two of the best tracks, “Ceiling” and “Cops at Crystal Lake,” or even download the entire thing from free, from his myspace page.