The Besnard Lakes’ “Are the Roaring Night” was my favorite lp of 2010. This new one, I think, is even better.

“People of the Sticks”


The beginning of the first track on this new lp, “The Besnard Lakes Are the Roaring Night,” sounds quite a bit like the beginning of “Fox on the Run.” And as awesome as that may be, things just get better from there.

What I mean is that from there, a series of 5-to-7 minute epics unfold, guitars roaring through the night, just like the album’s title suggests, offset by the wonderful vocal performances provided by Jace Lasek andĀ Olga Goreas. All that and more appears in “Albatross,” one of the album’s best tracks, which is available as a free download from the Jagjaguwar website.

This is stuff that would sound great accompanied by a planetarium laser show, great through a car radio, great through headphones. In other words, just plain great.