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“The Arsonist”


Endless Wave, Notes from the Compound, Fort Point Recordings (2011)

Boston’s music scene has never seemed so diverse, featuring such a wide range of bands with such a wide range of styles. And Andre Obin certainly stands as a leading representative of that diversity, with work that runs from the techno-influenced electronic dance music that he’s released under his own name to the more traditional rock format adopted by his Endless Wave project with Timothy Ryan and Tucker Dawson, and his Matters & Dunaway collaboration with Tom Gallagher filling in the spaces in between.

What’s more amazing still, however, is how none of these endeavors sounds anything like a side project or a temporary excursion: all of it’s first-rate, top-shelf stuff. Either the man is a total genius, or he never sleeps, or maybe both.

Now comes “Notes from the Compound,” Endless Wave’s first full-length and follow-up to last year’s “City Walls” ep.┬áHere, the band joins forces with the production team of Paul Kolderie and Adam Taylor, who give the record an element of that classic Fort Apache sound, which suits them well. For me, where the album really goes from very good to great is at the beginning of what I suppose in the old days would have been the start of side two — now, right in the middle of ┬áthe digital release — with three outstanding tracks “Future Shock,” “Wired,” and “Secrets,” that show Endless Wave at their very best.

Check out two of those tracks below, then head over to bandcamp for the rest.

Endless Wave, “Wired”

Endless Wave, “Secrets”

Andre Obin – Golden Hair

November 10, 2010

Excellent, excellent track from Andre Obin‘s new ep, “Front Runner.”