As destiny wills it / So seasons will change / Just like you ….

New lp available on bandcamp.

“Star Crossed”

“Heart Attack”


The Deep Heaven Now Festival, Part 7, is coming up in one week, and to help celebrate the event, 28 Degrees Taurus have this great new track out.

“Star Crossed”

“Strictly increasing and strictly convex” describes a function that goes up at a faster and faster rate.  Like the awesomeness of the Deep Heaven Now Festival, with its fourth installment coming up next month.

In anticipation of the great event, Jinsen has put together a 24-track compilation, which you can download (for free!) at the Bandcamp page.

Featuring outstanding contributions by Gospel Gossip, Stargazer Lillies, The Vandelles, Brief Candles, 28 Degrees Taurus, Static of the Gods, Endless Wave, The December Sound, Hi Tiger, Herbcraft, Ghost Box Orchestra, the Byrd/Thompson Expansion, Whir, and many, many more!

Whir, “Collider Wheel” — from Allston!

Hi Tiger, “Wolves” — from Portland, Maine!

Gospel Gossip, “Sippy Cup” — there’s a different song on the comp, but this video is too great not to watch!

This new lp from The Asteroid #4 came highly recommended from Jinsen of 28 Degrees Taurus. And the tip was an excellent one.

The strong case is summarized by “All False Reasons,” performed below, live in their hometown of Philadelphia. A brilliant mix of classic 60s psychedelic folk pop and 90s shoegaze, all inspired, evidently, by a modern-day femme fatale. And the rest of the album is just as great.

Awesome in both size and grandeur, this 25-track, nearly 2-hour-long compilation, while intended to introduce listeners to some of the bands performing at next month’s Deep Heaven Now 3 Ambient/Psych Festival, serves just as nicely as a monument to celebrate the achievements thus far of this new, vibrant, and still rapidly-expanding local scene.

With outstanding contributions from Autochrome, Sharp Dots USA, The Sunshine Factory, The Sky Drops, Sri Aurobindo, Mmoss, Hadoken, Roh Delikat, Concord Ballet Orchestra Players, and This Car Up. Plus old favorites from To The Wedding and Ghost Box Orchestra, and a totally new track from 28 Degrees Taurus. And, since I haven’t mentioned all 25 yet, much, much more!

Best of all, it’s a free download from bandcamp.

Someone should write a book about how bands like 28 Degrees Taurus, Magic Shoppe, Ghost Box Orchestra and others have energized the local scene, layering elements of psych, shoegaze, and ambient over Boston’s traditional garage-rock template. Creating something new while still retaining what I consider to be the essential characteristics of (i) sounding great on headphones when listening in the library and (ii) sounding even better when played loudly, on a stereo at a party or live in a bar. Making music, that is, for people who like to think but love to rock.

To The Wedding‘s new 4-song EP is the latest to fit in exactly along these lines. And, thus, my first favorite local release of the new year. “Let Love In” streams below; the entire EP on bandcamp.