Michael Mayer – Immer 3

January 2, 2011

True to their title, the entries in Michael Mayer’s “Immer” series have “always” been great. But this third installment is my favorite so far, thanks to standout tracks like the Cortney Tidwell-Ewan Pearson collaboration “Don’t Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up,” the Superpitcher remix of Charlotte Gainsbourg’s “The Operation,” and, especially, Tim Paris‘ amazing “Edges of Corrosion.” A lot of female vocal performances over a non-step techno background, in other words.

And though a DJ mix, this cd like the previous two in the series let each of the songs play for awhile, instead of jumping frantically from one track to the next. That is a plus in my book, as is the overall feel of the compilation, which is meditative yet propulsive.

These various elements combine to make the album perfect accompaniment to just about any activity, intellectual or recreational. One can bang out hundreds if not thousands of lines of code, for instance, while listening to the disc repeatedly from start to finish and over again. And that, perhaps, is the highest form of praise I can give.


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