Rene Hell – Porcelain Opera

December 10, 2010

Rene Hell is Jeff Witscher, with an new album out called “Porcelain Opera.”

Six tracks drift by in just over 30 minutes, like a dream journey that’s over all too soon. “Blown soundscapes,” as Thurston Moore once said. Or, as the Type Records webpage aptly puts it

“Porcelain Opera” is an album made by a consummate music obsessive, and Witscher is just as obsessive about his composition as he is his influences. The album’s tracks seep into each other like viscous lava, decomposing and reforming as the track markers fade and re-appear. This is pure electronic music — songs created with analogue circuits and half-baked patch cables, dusty cassette tapes and greased-up potentiometers. And despite his noise roots, there is something distinctly sparkling about this collection of tracks. “Prize Mischief Hold” fizzes and cascades from the speakers like a box of illicit Chinese fireworks, and the album’s glorious centrepiece “L.Minx” thunders through an electrical storm to reveal glorious, warming harmony.

My own favorite, “IV 18:54,” appears below.


TV Girl – If You Want It

December 6, 2010

Maybe you heard this one on “Kick Out the James” a couple weeks ago, or on Lucy’s wonderful show this am?

An old friend put it up on Soundcloud:

Proof that great minds think alike, I guess.

And the four-song ep is available from the band.