Baths – Cerulean

July 21, 2010

Leave a stack of records by Broken Social Scene, Four Tet, The Boards of Canada, Autechre, and Moderat out in the sun and let them melt together then refreeze into something else.

I’d image that something else would sound kind of like this new album, “Cerulean,” from Baths.

One of the best tracks, “Maximal,” performed live below. And watch a couple more at Pitchfork tv.


3 Responses to “Baths – Cerulean”

  1. samson Says:

    this album is brilliant! thanks for your compelling description. i had to get it immediately, and i cannot stop listening to it. a few of the tracks remind me of Son Lux.

    • loveandmath Says:

      thanks! it is amazing, too, to see the music performed live — obviously there’s much, much more to it than simply playing back pre-recorded sounds.

      • samson Says:

        he’s performing mid-sept at the middle east. i’m thinking of going. oh, and i saw that wzbc is sponsoring a show with ulrich schnauss! awesome.

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