Juan MacLean – DJ Kicks

June 30, 2010

From the liner notes to Juan MacLean‘s “DJ Kicks:”

I listen to a lot of DJ mixes. I enjoy them. I listen to them at home while doing the dishes, taking a bath, driving my car, falling asleep at night. On the plane, in the hotel before going to the club to play. James Murphy called my hotel room when we were in Australia last year playing festivals. “Are you listening to dance music IN YOUR ROOM?” I answered yes, and he hung up on me.

I have to side with MacLean on this. Since, for me, a great DJ mix can fuel an all-night coding session just as well as an all-night party.

And this DJ Kicks session put together by MacLean himself is a leading case in point. The time and thought put into the track selection and presentation, as well as the heavy bias towards the classic house style, makes this one a excellent companion piece to the “Live at Robert Johnson” mix by Thomas Hammann and Gerd Janson released earlier this year. My favorites? Those would be “Spaghetti Circus” by Still Going and Juan MacLean’s own, outstanding and previously unreleased “Feel So Good.”


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