28 Degrees Taurus – All The Stars In Your Eyes

June 19, 2010

28 Degrees Taurus call themselves an ambient/psychedelic band. Others might use the term shoegaze. But I always think of their sound as “Sundazed to the Core,” partly because I think that describes it best, but also because their songs tell stories that are realistic but sentimental, just like that one by Bettie Serveert.

Anyway, the band has a new full-length album coming out very soon, called “All The Stars In Your Eyes.” I’ve heard it, and can tell you it’s pretty great. Starting out with the title track and continuing through the excellent “Universal Love,” my first thought was, “oh yeah, they’re leading with their best stuff.”

Not so fast. The lp builds from there, and the next six tracks, from “Seeking Heat” through “Sometime Anytime” form the best set of music 28 Degrees Taurus have ever recorded. And then there’s the closer — “The Soundtrack of Our Lives” — just like I said, realistic but sentimental.

According to the band, this album has been 2 1/2 years in the making. The good news is: all that time and effort has paid off handsomely. Who knows? Creativity has no limits, and maybe 28 Degrees Taurus’ next album will be even better still. For now, though, “All The Stars In Your Eyes” stands supreme.


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