Emeralds – Does It Look Like I’m Here?

June 8, 2010

If you search for and read reviews of records by Emeralds, what you’ll find is that the Cleveland-based trio consistently surprises and delights their listeners. Their newest lp, “Does It Look Like I’m Here?” continues with both of those traditions.

I was introduced to the band through their 2008 album, “Solar Bridge,” and put on the new disk expecting to hear the same sort of extended guitar-and-synth drones. Here, the guitars and synths remain, but they’re combined on shorter, more melodic tracks. The song titles kind of say it all, with “Magic” and “The Quaking Mess” from “Solar Bridge” juxtaposed with “Science Center,” “Summerdata,” and “Shade” from “Does It Look Like I’m Here?”

Others may wish to debate which is better or more powerful — the magic or the science. I just see Emeralds’ willingness to experiment with both as further evidence of the band’s amazing talent and creativity.


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