The Knife – Tomorrow, In A Year

May 9, 2010

“Tomorrow, In A Year” presents music by The Knife in collaboration with Mt. Sims and Planningtorock, commissioned for an opera about the life and work of Charles Darwin.

The two cds run for an hour and a half in total. And something’s clearly lost in listening to the music by itself, without seeing the performance as a whole. This seems especially true for the opening tracks on the first disk, which are the most spartan and experimental. But the momentum builds gradually, and by time disk 2 hits is stride with tracks like “Colouring of Pigeons,” “Seeds,” and “The Height of Summer,” the work is truly astonishing both in its beauty and intensity.

As great as “Silent Shout” and “Fever Ray” turned out to be, “Tomorrow, In A Year” is clearly The Knife’s most ambitious work to date — and it may also be their best.

But so long as we’re talking about ambition: my true dream would be another opera, also scored by The Knife, on the life and work Norbert Wiener. That would be truly amazing. Maybe next year ….

The Knife and Mt. Sims – “The Colouring of Pigeons” – From “Tomorrow, In A Year” – Rabid Records, 2010.


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