The Point – Issue 2

March 17, 2010

The Point - Issue 2 - Winter 2010

There are some people who put together pretty good PhD dissertations, but then never write anything else worth reading again. The editors of and contributors to this magazine, The Point, do not belong to that group.

I really liked the first issue, which came out last spring, especially the article about David Foster Wallace. But this new, second issue goes a big step beyond.

Including a fantastic essay on Stendhal by someone named S.G. Belknap, and a funny and insightful piece on Houellebecq by Ben Jeffery. Very nice reflection on philosophy by Martha Nussbaum. Maggie Taft’s review of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Modern Wing deserves to be read with “Daydream Nation” playing in the background, because it mentions Gerhard Richter. And there’s a tribute to/eulogy for John Hughes, nicely put by Sarah Miller-Davenport.

Plus an absolutely brilliant piece by Etay Zwick that brings Veblen to bear on the current crisis, and pretty much hits the nail on the head as far as that topic is concerned.

If these guys keep coming out with writing that’s anything close to this level, their magazine, I’d say, will deserve to be called the best and most important of its kind.


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