Fucked Up – Couple Tracks: Singles 2002-2009

March 4, 2010

Just like the Buzzcocks, Fucked Up have released a lot of great singles. So just as “Singles Going Steady” remains my favorite Buzzcock’s album, this new singles collection has immediately become my favorite FU album. And that’s saying a lot, in both cases, because both bands put out some regular full-length lps that are pretty amazing too.

What’s always been most impressive about FU is the range of ideas and feeling they’re able to relate in their music, even while remaining consistently in what you might call the hardcore genre. Here, that diversity comes through as one moves through the collection, from the righteous fury of the first 7″ “No Pasaran,” to the grimly realistic but still intensely spiritual “Triumph of Life” and its B-side “Neat Parts,” to the so-called “Fun Stuff” like “I Hate Summer” and “Teenage Problems.”

With 25 tracks running nearly 75 minutes over two cds, “Couple Tracks” proves that at their very best, Fucked Up stand tall, on par with the very best hardcore bands of all-time.


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