Day Sleeper – Wonderland Kid EP

February 22, 2010

I really liked Day Sleeper‘s full-length, “Drop Your Sword,” from last year or the year before. But I like this new ep, “Wonderland Kid,” even more.

Maybe it’s just that the ep is shorter and more focused. Or maybe it’s because, with most of the tracks recorded live either on stage or in the WERS studio, the band’s true personality comes through stronger. But whatever the cause may be, all five tracks on this new release sound great to me: from the tentative-decisionness (if you will) of the opener “Wait Stay,” to the comic/tragic poetry of “Maggie May I,” to the melancholic longing of the title track and the brilliant “Windows Left Open” (which this writer compares, quite rightly I think, to Proust), to the shoegazy live closer “You Knew.”

In sum, “Wonderland Kid” captures a maturing band just beginning to hit its stride. Savor the moment, while looking ahead to what’s yet to come.

Download the mp3s from the band’s myspace page.


One Response to “Day Sleeper – Wonderland Kid EP”

  1. stargirl Says:

    hellz yeah day sleeper is the bomb

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