Gabe Goodman – Conundrummer

February 15, 2010

Gabe Goodman is a local musician with a unique vocal style and an apparent gift for writing songs that are catchy, witty, or otherwise just plain great. Both talents set him apart from the crowd.

He lists Jeff Tweedy as an influence, and so I’m tempted to say yes, kind of like Wilco, but much more interesting. The resemblance is even closer to Chas. Mtn, whose album “Hugs” from 2006 remains one of my all-time local favorites.

Anyway, he’s got a short lp — 8 songs and under 30 minutes — out called “Conundrummer.” You can listen to two of the best tracks, “Ceiling” and “Cops at Crystal Lake,” or even download the entire thing from free, from his myspace page.


One Response to “Gabe Goodman – Conundrummer”

  1. […] “Conundrummer” was, of course, one of my very favorite albums of last year. On the new release, Gabe trades in some of the predecessor’s ornate vocal arrangements for more than a hint of early-1990s indie/power pop — an unexpected but not unwelcome line of evolution and one that makes this record a perfect one to start the summer. […]

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