Arms and Sleepers – Matador

November 14, 2009

album cover

Arms and Sleepers - Matador - Fake Chapter Records (2009)

I’ve been really looking forward to the new lp from Arms and Sleepers ever since I saw the article in the Phoenix in late September. And I certainly wasn’t disappointed when I finally got a chance to listen to the station’s advance copy of “Matador,” due out this coming Tuesday (November 17) on Fake Chapter Records.

The ambient/electronics and the Album Leaf-like instrumentation from the duo’s previous work are still here. But the ideas seem more fully developed and the melodies more memorable than before. Vocals play a bigger role on the new lp, too, and this adds a significant new dimension, especially to the standout tracks “Matador” and “The Architekt,” both of which can be heard already on the band’s Myspace page. Listening to those songs is kind of like hearing an old friend speak to you in a dream, oddly but pleasantly making more sense than he or she ever did in person.

“Matador” by Arms and Sleepers. A major step forward for a major artistic force.


3 Responses to “Arms and Sleepers – Matador”

  1. samson Says:

    it has taken me a while to warm up to matador. black paris 86 is still my favorite.
    nevertheless, arms and sleepers is one of the best new bands i’ve listened to in the past year, and as a bonus they’re from around here! glad to know you’re a fan as well.

  2. garymon Says:

    I just recently learned of Arms & Sleepers and they amaze me at every turn. I bought everything off of their online store and then just let it all play randomly for the next 15 hours. Pure bliss.

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