Streight Angular – After and Before

November 2, 2009


Streight Angular - After and Before

“After and Before” is Streight Angular‘s first full-length. But you wouldn’t know that just by listening, because the album consists of 12 confidently-constructed and intelligently-crafted songs. And, relating to that last part, intelligence has of course always been a hallmark of Boston Rock, so it fits well into that noble tradition, too.

Streight Angular have their style down pat, as well. It sounds to me like a blend of early-80s new wave and early-90s whatever you call what K Records put out a lot of in the early part of the last century’s last decade. Not only is that mix quite pleasing, but it gives the lp something of a timeless quality. This is an album that would have sounded great if it came out 10, 15, or 20 years ago; it sounds great today; and I bet it’ll sound just as great 10 years from now.

And finally, the best track of all of this album with many such best tracks is one called “Are You Ever Satisfied?” Which not only offers up a highly relevant indictment of selfishness and greed in our time, but even more important has boy-girl vocals that make it sound kind of like it could be by the Human League. Awesome!


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