No Age – Losing Feeling EP

September 29, 2009

NoAge_LP_FRONTNo Age have a new EP, “Losing Feeling,” coming out next week. But you can already stream the whole thing through the Sub Pop webpage.

I enjoyed No Age’s 2007 full-length, “Weirdo Rippers,” quite a bit; last year’s “Nouns” even more. And “Losing Feeling” continues that upward trajectory, at least to my tastes. All of the noise from the earlier releases remains, but here it’s mixed in with more melodic elements, heavy on the reverb, reflecting an influence I suppose from the band’s tour and on-stage performances with Deerhunter (and Dan Deacon) this past summer. Overall, the tracks sound pleasingly melted, warped, and smeared, just like the cover art suggests. And though the lyrics of the three tracks with vocals do seem to revolve around the theme of something lost, like the EP’s title says, upon reflection they’re just as much about something gained.

A really impressive step forward for a band that’s never suffered from a shortage of creativity and talent. My only complaint is that running less than 15 minutes, it’s all over too soon. But, as it stands, this record’s damn near perfect.


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