Polvo – In Prism

September 22, 2009

inprismPolvo have a new album out, their first in 12 years. Seems appropriate, that it should be now: the band titled one of its previous releases “Celebrate the New Dark Age.” Well, if the new new dark age is here, I guess we might as well celebrate again.

This is another case where the cover gives you a pretty good indication of what’s inside. Kind of abstract, but still in the primary colors. Guitar-driven compositions that take their time to unfold and tell their story to those who choose to hang around to listen.

The Trouser Press entry puts it this way: “Practitioners of a particularly slide-rule-dependent brand of modern-day prog-rock, this North Carolinian quartet — whose name is ‘dust’ in Spanish — can, depending on one’s point of view, hypnotize or anaesthetize. Polvo’s lengthy, enigmatic songs have far more in common with Gentle Giant and ELP (on a budget, of course) than anything contemporary, and its disavowal of hooks is all but complete. Of course, to tech-heads and those of a cerebral orientation, those traits are nothing to grouse about.” Exactly, and especially that last part.


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