Area C – The Planetarium Project

September 1, 2009

areac_planetarium-project_FRONTArea C is Providence-based guitarist/composer Erik Carlson. “The Planetarium Project” is his latest album, just out on Sedimental Records.

This wonderful two-cd set presents four 30-minute tracks, each recorded live from performances with other local electronic/experimental musicians at Providence’s Cormack Planetarium. One might be tempted to call this “space music,” but that adjective, though somewhat fitting, risks suggesting incorrectly that these are novelty items when, to the contrary, they are seriously wonderful multi-part compositions, with influences ranging from ambient to modern classical.

Recent entries on both Brainwashed and Textura feature insightful reviews of “The Planetarium Project” that do full justice to this outstanding work. The only point that I would add to those write-ups is that the packaging for these cds, designed by Shelter Bookworks, makes the physical product a piece of art in itself.


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