Kompakt Total 10 Compilation

August 17, 2009

kompaktcd75-total_10Kompakt records’  annual Total compilations are always pretty good. But the latest one, number 10 in the series, is really great — a top candidate, I would say, for being the very best so far. Its 21 tracks span two cds and run nearly 2 1/2 hours in total.

Disk one starts out with DJ Koze’s tennis-inspired “40 Love,” followed by the superb Dirk Leyers remix of Justus Kohncke’s “(It’s Gonna Be) Alright.” Gui Boratto’s remix of the Sam-Taylor Wood/Pet Shop Boys collaboration “I’m In Love with a German Filmstar” was one that I knew from before and really liked. And two more outstanding tracks are Ada’s “Lovestoned” and Wighnomy’s remix of Boratto’s “No Turning Back.”

But, if you ask me, this compilation really hits its stride at the beginning of disk two, which opens with Kohncke’s “Give it to Me Easy” (a brilliant remake, James of friday morning “Kick Out The James” points out, of the Zombies’ 1968 single “Time of the Season,” which, when you think about it, always kind of did sound like a way-ahead-of-its-time techno track), and proceeds through Matias Aguayo’s excellent “Walter Neff” and Mayburg/Ada’s “Each and Every Day” before reaching an absolute peak with the amazing Supermayer remix of Gotye’s “Heart’s a Mess” and Thomas Fehlmann’s remix of the Field’s “The More I Do.”

Yes, I could go on. But suffice it to say that whether you want to bring the signature sound of Koln to your own dancefloor or just want an extended techno set to keep you focused while banging out some programming code, Kompakt’s Total 10 more than gets the job done. A fitting monument to the label’s tenth anniversary.


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