Oneida – Rated O

August 9, 2009


Oneida are painting on a big canvas. They’ve got a TRIPLE cd just out, called “Rated O.”

And yeah, I know, the Clash’s “Sandinista” was a triple album, too. But when it came out on cd, the whole thing fit on two disks. Which highlights the enormity of “Rated O.”

In the end, though, what keeps “Rated O” manageable — much more manageable than “Sandinista,” in fact — is that each of its three disks has its own consistent character, making it more of a triptych than a gigantic mural. Disk 1 has the electronics, disk 2 the psychedelic rock, and disk 3 the extended jams.

But, most impressively, across all three cds, there’s not a single redundant or otherwise unnecessary track to be found. Like “Sandinista,” “Rated O” is a massive piece of art that will take years of listening to fully appreciate.

And, to get you started, three of my favorite tracks, “I Will Haunt You,” “Saturday,” and the stunningly awesome “What’s Up, Jackal?” can be downloaded from the Jagjaguwar website.


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