Pray for Polanski – The Death of Dennis Patrick Robbins

July 23, 2009

ddprPray for Polanski have a new full-length out on F Nice Records. Called “The Death of Dennis Patrick Robbins.”

Overall, the style isn’t too much different from that displayed on “The Ghost and Bones,” their 6-song ep that was one of my favorites from last year. You might say it’s one part rockabilly, two parts country gothic, and seven parts straight-ahead rock and roll. But the production is a bit more polished on the new album, which suits the music well. And the songwriting, though certainly a strength on the ep, is even better and more consistent on this new disk.

But, as fans of Pray for Polanski know, the very good turns to great for this band when Aviv Rubinstein and Anne Warnock’s vocals join together. Just like John Doe and Exene’s used to. And best of all, there are a lot of those moments on the new album.

You can download several of the songs from “The Death of Dennis Patrick Robbins” here for free, courtesy of the fine folks at F Nice.


One Response to “Pray for Polanski – The Death of Dennis Patrick Robbins”

  1. aviv Says:

    thanks a lot guys.

    we’d love to come in if you ever wanted us on your show.


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