Sonic Youth – The Eternal

June 11, 2009

syThis spring, n+1 magazine sponsored a panel discussion on the 1990s. Around the same time, I started hearing songs from Pearl Jam’s first album on the radio again. And now we have Sonic Youth‘s new lp, “The Eternal,” which sounds to me like a sequel to 1992’s “Dirty.” If you don’t hear it too, play “Poison Arrow.” And then go back to “Sugar Kane.”

Some would say these things go in cycles. But I side with the artists, and say these things never change. “I’ve been around the world a million times, and all you men are slime ….”  “All the money’s gone … but it was never here ….”  Death and taxes, but especially death. You know, The Eternal.

But, I also side with that other 20th century philospher, Mike Damone, who asked rhetorically, “what about the tunes?” “Antenna,” “Thunderclap for Bobby Pyn,” “Walkin Blue,” “Malibu Gas Station.” Those are great songs — powerful compositions — and already some of my all-time favorites.


One Response to “Sonic Youth – The Eternal”

  1. evolkween Says:

    For some reason this album also makes me think of their A Thousand Leaves record from a few years back. Malibu Gas Station is totally my fave track at the moment.

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