Durutti Column – Love in the Time Of Recession

May 28, 2009

love_in_the_time_of_recessionThe Durutti Column have a new album out. For starters: “Love in the Time of Recession.” Brilliant title! Simultaneously, you’ve got the Gabriel Garcia Marquez reference plus the point that the current state of affairs in both the US and UK does symptomize some sort of deeper social illness, whatever you might want to call it.

But then: what’s really hard to believe is that Vini Reilly’s still making great records, now almost than 30 years after the first Durutti Column lp came out. Can you image if the Clash, or the Buzzcocks, or the Jam were still around, making records that sound just as amazing as their earliest? Well, I suppose that Wire is, and I also suppose that the Durutti Column never played what you might loosely call rock like those other bands did, but still ….

And, what’s even harder to believe is that this album has gotten almost no critical attention here in the US, at least as far as I can tell. Start a rumor that this music was made by a new band from Brooklyn, then leak the album on the internet, and you’d have a sensation at least as frantic as the one over the new Grizzly Bear. Hey, I know “Veckatimest” is really great, but I listened to that one and “Love in the Time of Recession” back-to-back this afternoon and if I had to choose, to be honest, my slight preference would be for the latter.

As always, it’s hard to describe the music on this newest full-length. Heavy on atmosphere, brilliant instrumentals, tentative but moving vocals, elements of ambient and maybe even classical as well as Joy Division-esque punk or post-punk. The two longer tracks that close the album, “Loser” and “Lock-Down,” can be heard on the band’s Myspace page.

There’s no better way to close than with this quote, from the official biography (obviously a year old, but you get the point): “Vini Reilly is The Durutti Column. It is 2008, he still has control and does all kinds of ridiculous things.”


2 Responses to “Durutti Column – Love in the Time Of Recession”

  1. Brian Says:

    Didn’t DC release a track called “All That Love and Maths Can do”?

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