Whitehaus Family – Sampler Vol. 2

April 17, 2009

My thanks go to Andrea, host of “Audible Fist Pumps” on WZBC (Mondays 1-3pm), for introducing me this week to some of the awesomely great music released by the Whitehaus Family Record in Jamaica Plain.

Everything I’ve heard on these cds so far is just fantastic, but maybe what I’d suggest is that a good place to start is with the Whitehaus Family Sampler Vol. 2. The range of styles on exhibit is incredibly diverse, ranging from the old-timey “Decomposition Song” by Woodrow Wilson, to the folk-gospel of Avi Jacob’s “Take Me Home,” to the wonderful poetry readings by Brian S. Ellis (“Shopping Carts”) and Casey Rocheteau (“Beings of Sound”), to the dance-oriented experimentation of Many Mansion’s “Big White House” and my absolute favorite “Heavy Forestation” by Truman Peyote.

But, what brings all this stuff together is the care, skill, and craft that’s so clearly apparent in each piece of work. That makes you feel like each of these songs is something unique, to be cherished, treasured and — guess what? — shared. Kind of like those soccer goals from the “Shopping Cart” poem.


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