Shrag – Shrag

April 7, 2009

shragMy favorite album as of now is the self-titled one by the Brighton (UK) band Shrag. Shrag are kind of like the Buzzcocks, only with three girls and two guys instead of all guys. Maybe that makes them kind of like the Buzzocks with some B-52s thrown in, though there were only two girls in the B-52s if memory serves me right.  Yet three, I’d say, is one better than two.

But Shrag’s sound is more like the Buzzcock’s, and also like the Buzzcock’s, their songs often speak compellingly about various aspects of day-to-day life as it’s lived by ordinary people like you and me – not revolutionaries or anything but just people who pretty much resent getting dragged down by the unending crap and incessant bs of day-to-day living. If you know what I mean.

According to this Pitchfork review, many of the tracks on this cd were previously released as singles, so again that brings back memories of “Singles Going Steady;” it’s a strong album through and through. And, by the way, there’s one track called “Mark E. Smith” as well as my own favorite, called “Forty Five 45s” which is totally totally awesome, and which was the Pitchfork guy’s favorite also, but what can I say – he’s right. And which can be listened to from the band’s Myspace page. Go do that, and try to tell me you don’t love it too.


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