Whitetail – 5-Track EP

April 2, 2009

Had a five-song, self-titled EP by the band Whitetail sitting in a stack of stuff that I was planning on listening to this weekend. Then, after I heard Ravioli play one of the tracks, “We Stay,” on today’s installment of WZBC’s Flyweight, I made a mental note to move the cd right to the top of that pile. And there it will stay for quite some time, I suspect, because it’s really great.

Funny: when listening to the EP I didn’t realize that the band is local, yet the influences I thought I heard – Come, the Breeders/Throwing Muses/Belly (especially because Anna the vocalist’s singing voice sometimes sounds a bit like Tayna Donelly’s), Helium, and maybe some Galaxie 500 in there as well – were all Boston-based. Still, those are just influences; Whitetail have an original and creative style that really is all their own.

But don’t just take my word for it: you can stream all five songs on the EP, including my two favorites, “Washed Out” and “Spit the Sand,” from the band’s website. A strong debut and, hopefully, a sign of more to come.


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