Metro Area – Fabric 43

March 23, 2009

metro-area-fabric-43Yeah, you know, I’ve really liked quite a few of those recent Fabric DJ mix cds, including Ellen Allien’s #34, Ewan Pearson’s #35, and M.A.N.D.Y.’s #38. But #43 in the series, by Metro Area, has kind of pretty much become my favorite of them all – what you might call a “go-to” item on the iPod after a hard day’s work at the proverbial car wash.

Released late last year, the 23 tracks on this one are dominated by the classic disco sound that I love, with a few familiar favorites from the ’80s thrown in for good measure. And when it all culminates in a stroke of genius, in the form of Devo’s “Freedom of Choice,” well,  any listener myself included would have to admit that here, Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani succeed brilliantly in putting together a serious dance mix that, fittingly and perfectly, doesn’t take itself too seriously.


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