Mi Ami – Watersports

March 13, 2009

Suppose that after the Talking Heads made “Fear of Music” and “Remain in Light,” David Byrne cut it out with the very-funky-but-oddly-mild-mannered-man routine, and adopted a new persona, still kind of funky but mostly insanely wild, to scream and wail in falsetto on top of tribal beats and screaming guitars, mixing elements of dub and punk in with the sound of those previous albums. And suppose that, somehow, he was able to do to all that without the huge supporting cast of “Remain in Light;” suppose in fact that somehow he was able to do that with a just a stripped-down, three-piece, guitar-bass-and-drum setup.

If that sounds good to you – and it certainly sounds good to me – then I’d highly recommend this new cd, “Watersports” by Mi Ami, to you. This album burns and smokes from start to finish, over seven compositions that, like those on side one of “Remain in Light,” take their time to spin their stories. The intensity level is astonishing, particularly through the first four tracks, “Echononecho,” “The Man in Your House,” “New Guitar,” and “Pressure,” and lets up only slightly thereafter. Really awesome stuff!

Michael Patrick Brady has a nice short review of “Watersports” here, in the Boston Phoenix, and according to his blog will soon have a longer piece about Mi Ami in ALARM magazine. So check that out too and, in the meantime, have a listen.


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