These Are Powers – All Aboard Future

March 8, 2009

These Are Powers’ first album, “Terrific Seasons” from 2007, was very noisy and very good. So it’s surprised me that their latest full-length, “All Aboard Future,” hasn’t received that much attention: it’s been out for two or three weeks now, and I haven’t seen many reviews posted elsewhere.

Too bad, because “All Aboard Future” keeps the noise from “Terrific Seasons,” but adds something unexpected: electronic samples and beats that bring a whole new dimension to the sound. The result is something like a cross between early Sonic Youth and more recent Gang Gang Dance. Really creative and really nice, and a major step up from the first lp which was, as I said, already quite good.

You can download an excellent track, titled “Life of Birds,” from the Dead Oceans website. But other standouts, like “Light After Sound,” “Parallel Shores,” and “Glass Blocks,” are as good if not better. In fact, “All Aboard Future” is a great album straight through. Certainly NOT to be overlooked or missed.


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