Love and Mathematics – Favorites of 2008

January 19, 2009

My favorite albums, local and other, from the year just past.


  1. Guillermo Sexo, Magic Lanterns
  2. Thalia Zedek Band, Liars and Prayers
  3. Big Dipper, Supercluster: The Big Dipper Anthology
  4. Passion Pit, Chunk of Change
  5. Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, Dawn of the Cycads
  6. 28 Degrees Taurus, How Do You Like Your Love?
  7. Chop Chop, Screens
  8. Matters and Dunaway, Feel the Future
  9. Pretty and Nice, Get Young
  10. Pray for Polanski, The Ghost and Bones


  1. Hercules and Love Affair, Hercules and Love Affair
  2. Parenthetical Girls, Entanglements
  3. French Kicks, Swimming
  4. Gang Gang Dance, Saint Dymphna
  5. F— Buttons, Street Horrsing
  6. Of Montreal, Skeletal Lamping
  7. Love is All, Mixed Up
  8. Palms, It’s Midnight in Honolulu
  9. Atlas Sound, Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel
  10. Rare Book Room Records, Living Bridge Compilation
  11. Miss Murgatroid and Petra Haden, Hearts and Daggers
  12. High Places, High Places
  13. Health, Health/Disco
  14. Ananda Project, Night Blossom
  15. Kangding Ray, Automne Fold

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One Response to “Love and Mathematics – Favorites of 2008”

  1. fnicerecords Says:

    Pray for Polanski has a fantastic new album out called “The Death of Dennis Patrick Robbins” that makes the very good Ghost and Bones album sound like they recorded it in a basement.

    If you liked the Ghost and Bones you’ll enjoy that “The Way They Stare” made it onto the new one and is mind-blowing.

    Three tracks are available as free mp3s and ringtones at

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